About Us

Owning a Springer Spaniel is not for the faint hearted - as any spaniel owner will tell you! They love water and most of all they love mud! 
Having Leo in my life, I soon came to the conclusion that I needed something that would enable me to hose him down after a muddy walk. Something that was just sitting waiting for me after the walk, that was easy and not laboriously hard to drag out and mess about with. To say I was done with picking Leo up covered in all sorts, having just eaten sheep poo and trying to contain him up the stairs to the bathroom is an understatement! Leo was sick of it, my bathroom walls were sick of it and as time went on, my back was sick of it! 
As i trawled through the internet I realised nowhere sold a decent dog bath that was designed to last! I found flimsy, metal constructed baths that were not upto the task and quite costly.
I set to design something that was sturdy, could take 60kg and could take a beating on a daily basis....introducing Cotswold Dog Baths very first bath.
The bath done everything I needed it to do and was perfect for everyday use. I posted it on a Facebook Spaniel Group and within 24hrs, I was inundated with people asking where they could buy one and if I could make them one....and just like that Cotswold Dog Baths was born! 
Over the last 2 years I have refined the bath.
Every piece of timber is now thickness planed leaving a smooth surface all over. The top of the bath is chamfer routed to ensure no sharp edges. I reccomend staining to all customers as it ensures extra weather resistance on top of the timbers tanalised properties. I have added engraving to personalise the bath to an individual dog/person/company as I think this provides a nice lasting touch. Each engraving is finished with UV resistant, exterior grade epoxy resin to ensure durability. I include with every bath a shower caddy and a copper Cotswold Dog Baths emblem. 
Thank you for taking the time to visit Cotswold Dog Baths and reading our story. I value each and every one of my previous customers and potential future customers. Please do check out our reviews and feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.
Greg @ Cotswold Dog Baths 🐾