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Cotswold Dog Baths

Large Dog Bath

Large Dog Bath

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No more carrying your dog through the house - covered in mud - soaking you and everything they touch! Our bespoke, handmade, large dog bath will bring back the enjoyment of taking your dog out for a walk no matter what the weather!

Bath characteristics:

- Designed to be left outdoors 365 days a year in all types of weather 🌧☀️⛄️❄️🍂.

- Made from C24, 4x2 construction grade tanalised (treated) timber.

- Engravings filled with UV resistant, exterior grade epoxy resin.

- Sanded, routed, then finished with three coats of weather resistant stain 🖌.

- Dimensions: 1260x750x870mm (LxWxH).

Why choose us?

Dog baths currently available on the internet are either flimsy and brittle or not designed for outdoor use. You probably have come across these, roughly £280 on major selling platforms with the structure being made from aluminium and the bath made from cheap brittle plastic! The opposite end of the spectrum is expensive large, heavy, stainless steel baths that are designed to be installed indoors and are designed for business use.

Cotswold Dog Baths are designed to be sturdy, weather-lasting and easy to use. No carrying in and out of the garage/shed after a walk, sat ready to go all year round!

Engraving Offer

Once ordered please email with your order number and engraving details.

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